Monday, August 08, 2005

Artist's Work Displayed At Irving Big Stop Salisbury

Silver Fox Restaurant Interior Wall Offers Local Artist's A Gallery Exposure, Higher Visibility

The Irving Big Stop in Salisbury, N.B. is well known for its great food and service.

Not to mention a rest stop for the weary truckers who transport goods to, from, across and through New Brunswick. Destination anywhere and everywhere. The tourists who visit our beautiful province have come to count on the Irving stations for literature that help them along their way. Now the Irving Big Stop in Salisbury has gone one step further for the enjoyment of all their customers.

With spring comes the daunting task of spring cleaning, even so for Paul Lavoie, manager of the
Irving Big Stop in Salisbury.

For three days the restaurant was closed for such a cleaning, painting and miner renovations. When all was finished Paul looked at the very large wall space in his rear dining room. Before it was decorated with pictures and information of Ducks Unlimited.

Now, though the color was warm and inviting, it was bare. This just wouldn't do, thought Paul.

It was then that he came up with the idea of offering this space to the local artists.

The local artists from Moncton and the surrounding area were delighted to have a great opportunity to display their art.

Local sign painter Eric Goggin was commissioned to make a sign "The Creations of Greater Moncton Artists.
" This sign in itself is a work of art.

Then Bob Noble, president of the Moncton Art Society, received a phone call from Doug Sentell, on behalf of Paul Lavoie.
Uber Food and Fuel Man, and Community Booster Paul Lavoie and Sharon Pollock, Local Impact Blogger.
Doug asked Mr. Noble if he would like to have his group display their work at the Irving Big Stop.

Bob made a call to the chairperson of The Artistic Sphere Group, Sharon A. Layton-Pollock, and presented her with the same request. After several calls and Bob organized a date for a "A Hanging."

The local artists from Moncton and the surrounding area were delighted to have such a great opportunity. Soon the walls were full of pictures done in various mediums, oil, acrylic, watercolors and pencil sketching.

Paul is very impressed with the work of the local artists and is pleased, to say the least, at how well his idea is going over. He watches as many of his local customers and tourists peruse his gallery, enjoying and some even buying.

Two members of The Artistic Sphere Group, Marion Colette and Carol Munro, both from Petitcodiac, have sold one painting each. The paintings are changed every two months, so come out and enjoy and support your local artists work at the Irving Big Stop in Salisbury.

To see more local artist's paintings, click on Myrna Seely to view her current catalogue of featured paintings on the Artisitic Sphere Group web site.


Let's go back to the beginning of human kind. Even then art was an important tool of human existence. They depicted their day's events, their accomplishments, trials and their festivities. The walls of their caves told their story. From that time to now artists have played an intricate part in preserving our history in various ways and upon many different mediums.

Webster dictionary says:

Art (1) is a skill acquired by experience or study (2) a branch of learning (3) an occupation requiring knowledge or skill (4) the use of skill and imagination in the production of things of beauty (5)an artist is one who practices an art, one who creates objects of beauty.

New Brunswick, and this very area in which we live has no shortage of artists.

Approximately two years ago in the kitchen of Winona McLean, of Pleasant Vale, Elgin, she and Sharon A. Layton-Pollock were discussing the need for a gallery for local New Brunswick artists to display their wares. Meetings were arranged and friends gathered at The Atlantic Motel in Berry Mills. Local artists were encouraged to unit and pursue the dream.

In order to learn how to go organize an art society Sharon Pollock of Salisbury, Patty Gallant of The Glades and Mary Dykstra of Havelock visited and sat in on a meeting of The Sussex Art Society. There they were greeted very warmly and their members were more than helpful in answering questions. Their fact finding mission was most informative.

Later on their way home they stopped at The Blue Bird Restaurant for coffee and much conversation. Names for the art group were tossed around, ideas were jotted down on napkins. From that meeting and from the notes upon the napkin came their name: The Artist Sphere Group." The emphases on the word SPHERE, a double meaning. First, a circle of artists, most appropriate. Secondly, the letters represented the areas they were from...S-Salisbury, P-Petitcodiac, H-Havelock, E-Elgin, R-River Glade, and the last E-Elsewhere, thus allowing artists from outside the area to join.

Over the past two years The Artistic Sphere Group holds meetings once a month at The Irving Big Stop in Salisbury. At the meetings discussions, briefings and designing of "The Petitcodiac Regional Interpretation and Cultural Centre" are had. Plans are made as to how to promote the group. The Artistic Sphere Group has a membership of 25 and there are members from Salisbury, Petitcodiac, Havelock, Elgin, River Glade, Wheaton Settlement and Nauwigewauk, N.B.

Some of the things that The Artistic Sphere Group has done in the past two years are:

1. First art show and sale was held in the Petitcodiac Kiwanis building.
2. Purchased a booth to display and sell their works at The Westmorland County
Agricultural Fair.
3. Had a fundraiser to pay for this booth by selling ads on a placemat that was
used in local restaurants.
4. Members displayed and sold their art at Turner's Christmas at the Coliseum in
5. Displayed art in the Petitcodiac Gazebo during Westmorland County Fair parade.
6. Different members did the Sackville Art Tour.
7. Smaller groups from within the membership have put on day workshops, visited a
beaver dam and sketched what they saw.
8. Bob Noble, president of the Moncton Art Society came to Petitcodiac and put on a
watercolor workshop.
9. The Artistic Sphere Group has joined with the Moncton Art Society to display
their work at The Irving Big Stop in Salisbury.
10. Our members were invited to take part in the 20th., Annual Provincial Art Fair
and Sale held April 30 to May 8/05 in Highfield Square, Moncton. Member Terri
Stott of Harewood received a ribbon of "Honorable Mention" for her beautiful
mosaic table and Angel wall hanging.
11. Members got together for a day trip to Albert County and take in the Fundy Studio Tour. These tours allow for artists to share in what each other is working on and to get new ideas from and to encourage each other to hone their skills.

If you are interested in joining The Artistic Sphere Group, membership is $20.00 a year, please call Sharon A. Layton-Pollock at (506) 756-9894 or e-mail at We would love to have you join us!


The first meeting of the Maritime society of Artists was held in the library room of the Moncton City Hall on October 2, 1931 with president Mary E. Redmond presiding. Soon after that meeting the name was changed to it's present name, "The Moncton Art Society."

In 1941 Wanda Lyons joined and worked diligently for the good of the society. Then in 1966, she and fellow members, Anna Brewster and Edward Leger signed the necessary documentations to have The Moncton Art Society incorporated.

Today's president in Robert Noble of Berry Mills, N.B.. Bob is a well known painter of delighful watercolors. He and the membership of 135 hold monthly meetings and monthly workshops. During the months of December and June the members join together for a special dinner meeting. The June dinner meeting is combined with the election of officers.

Commencing again this summer Bob Noble will be organizing as well as teaching five day workshops from the Thomas William House on the corner of Highfield and Park Street in Moncton. There are workshops especially designed for children, teenagers, adults and seniors. So, as you can see no one is left out.

The Moncton Art Society and it's members are presently working on a project to establish an art and cultural center to be called, "The Greater Moncton Art Center Inc." At the present time they are working on getting the name registered and applying for a charitable status.

The Moncton Art Society is celebrating it's 74th., anniversary this year, and as part of the celebration they are offering a special five day workshop. It will be held in the Rotary Lodge in Centennial Park from September 5th., to 9th., with art instructor Vaughn Butland from Kamloops BC. Mr. Butland is originally from Alma, N.B.. The cost of the workshop is $250.00 (taxes included).

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Moncton Art Society or taking part in the September workshop come to the Moncton Art Society's gallery in Highfield Square. Membership is $20.00 for the first year. For more information call Bob Noble at 852-3811


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