Friday, August 17, 2007

Progress Photos of the Bridge at Salmon River

Here are a few pictures taken on August 7, 2007 at the site of bridge being built to cross the Salmon River. With the completion of this bridge will also be the completion of the Fundy Trail Parkway, which will add to New Brunswick's top attractions!

Photo # 1 New approach roadway to bridge from St. Martins side of the river where a retaining wall has to go. (this is now being question)

Photo # 2 Building approach road to bridge from St. Martins side of river.

Photo # 3 Looking across river from St. Martins side of temporary bailey bridge in place so men and machinery can work on new bridge.

Photo # 4 Looking at new road across river to up over the hill leading to future road.

Photo # 5 On left of picture you can see the base beside the bailey bridge for new abutment for new the new bridge.

Photo # 6 Roadway on Albert County side at top of hill from the bridge, future lookout site.

Photo # 7 Shows trucks hauling rock that has to be cut out for road across the river.

Photo # 8 This picture shows the depth of the rock cut for new bridge on the Albert County side.

Photo # 9 Just a glimpse of the size of the trucks being used.

Photo # 10 A small portion of crushed rock that has been cut away for the new bridge.

Photo # 11 Truck dumping rock on the crushed rock stock pile. To date there is enough crushed rock to complete 20km of road.