Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Writer Carla Gunn Coming To Moncton

June 18th.

Author Carla Gunn will be coming to Moncton, as part of the Attic Owl
Reading Series, to launch her debut novel Amphibian on Thursday, June
18. Gunn is a Fredericton writer, and while her book is a work of
fiction, its themes and plot address very real and timely
environmental concerns.

The child narrator of the book, Phineas Walsh, has an encyclopedic
knowledge of the natural world. He knows that if you wet a dog's food
with your saliva and he refuses to eat it then he's top dog, and he
knows that dolphins sleep half a brain at a time. And he's worried
sick about what humans are doing to the planet, and his mother is
worried sick about him. But shouldn't everyone be losing sleep over
the fact that a quarter of all earth's mammals are on the Red List of
Threatened Species? So, when a White's tree frog ends up in an
aquarium in his fourth-grade classroom, it's the last straw, and Phin
and his best friend, Bird, are spurred to action.

Check out this recent National Post interview with Carla Gunn to hear
more about what inspired her to write this book:

Carla will be visiting Moncton on June 18th to launch the novel at La
Teraz (154 Church Street). Her reading will be followed by an open
mic of readings and music.

Carla Gunn at the Attic Owl Reading Series
reading followed by open mic
Thursday, June 18, 2009
La Teraz, 154 Church Street
Moncton, NB
8 p.m.


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