Tuesday, September 08, 2009

George Hamilton the IV in Salisbury

Photos compliments of Larry Layton of Salisbury

On Friday, September 4th., the Salisbury Baptist Church was filled to capacity. Church goers and non church goers alike took a step back in time as they listened to George sing old songs like Abaline. George did, however, change a few words in the original song Abaline to suit the nature of his mission. "Women there don't treat you mean in Abaline, my Abaline," to...."Folks there don't treat you mean in Abaline, my Abaline."

The main purpose of George's special tour was to lend support for the Drop Inn Ministries. The founder, James Bell was also at the Salisbury Baptist Church lending in song and testimonial.

The Moncton branch of the Drop Inn Ministries is in the form of a charity shop, a type of thrift store with proceeds going to the cause. The first shop opened in Amhurst, N.S. and the Moncton branch opened this year at 84 Barker Street.

James Bell's motto for his Drop Inn Ministries is "Bringing Hope,Help & Healing to a Hurting Worls."

To learn more about James Bell and his mission go to www.dropinnministries.ca