Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Petitcodiac Regional Interpretation and Cultural Center

Petitcodiac Special

Written By: Sharon A. Layton-Pollock

There is a wonderful building in the planning stages for Petitcodiac and area.

A committee has been dilegently working for over a year to bring about a regional interpretation and cultural center to Petitcodiac. The committee has been working with the council members of the Village of Petitcodiac to have this building irrected on village property next to Hooper Lane. The committee also has been working with members of ACOA to secure financing, in part, to bring this building to fruition. Corbel Building Systems Ltd. from Moncton, have drawn up the preliminary sketches and cost analyses for the building.

The three main drivers for this project, thus far, are The Artistic Sphere Group, the Maritime Motorsport Hall of Fame Inc. and the Village Council of Petitcodiac. MLA Wally Stiles has been behind this endeavour one hundred percent and has given much encouragement as well as direction.

The Petitcodiac Regional Interpretation and Cultural Center will be a two level building. The earth will be manipulated in such a way so that both floors can be entered from ground level. The lower level will be home for the Maritime Motorsport Hall of Fame. The upper floor will have an art gallery where members of The Artistic Sphere Group will be able to display their art. An art studio where classes will be given.

Also, the top level will have a museum for the Salisbury, Petitcodiac, Havelock, Elgin and River Glade area. There will be a theatre to show films that pertain to our area. The theatre will also accommodate live theatre, presentations etc. There will be a kitchen and an adjacent common room. A tourism section and boutiques. The entire cultural center will have displays of all sorts to bring to the forfront the uniqueness of this region.

The first week of September 2005, a two page letter of intent will be presented to ACOA. In this two page letter the committee has answered the questions as to the cost to build and furnish such a building. The way in which the building will be selfsufficient in the future. A brief history of Petitcodiac, why the project is needed and who will be the partners. Upon examining and accepting this letter the committee will then be invited to put forth a complete and indepth proposal to ACOA. When ACOA accepts this wonderful project, funding will be put in place and the ground will be broken and building will commence.

Updates as to the progress of the Petitcodiac Regional Interpretion and Cultural Center will be posted in a timely fashion.


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