Monday, June 05, 2006

Fairs To Add To Your Summer Calendar

New Brunswick Fairs & Dates

July 19, 2006 - August 6, 2006
Woodstock Old Home Week Agriculture Exhibition
191 Sheerwood DriveMapleton NB, E7N 2B4
Linda PorterPh.: 506-328-3619

July 19, 2006 - July 23, 2006
Miramichi Agricultural Exibition Association
P.O. Box 22Miramichi, N.B. E1N 3A8
Tim BreauPh.: 506-773-5133

July 31, 2006 - August 5, 2006
Westmorland County Fair
Vicky Crossman (President)
Petitcodiac, N.B. (506) 756-2401

August 17, 2006 - August 20, 2006
Exposition Regionale du Madawaska Inc.
P.O. Box 5001Grand Falls N.B. E3Z 1G1
Bertrand CyrPh.: 506-473-7755

August 17, 2006 - August 20, 2006
Port Elgin Agricultural Fair
49 West Main StreetPort Elgin N.B. E4M 1L7
Terry OultonPh.: 506-538-2326

August 22, 2006 - August 24, 2006
Kings County Agricultural Fair
39 Durys Cove Road Sussex, N.B. E4E 4E4
Kathy Cripps Ph.: 506-433-2796

August 23, 2006 - August 27, 2006
Kent County Agricultural Fair
2341 Rte 515St. Marie de Kent N.B. E4S 2B7
Daniel Babineau Ph.:

August 24, 2006 - August 27, 2006
L'Exposition Regionale de St- Isidore
3698 boulevard Des-Fondateurs St Isidore, N.B. E8M 1B2
Gerad McGraw Ph.: 506-358-2793

August 28, 2006 - September 2, 2006
Atlantic National Exhibition
P.O. Box 284 Saint John NB, E2L 3Y2
Paul Gilbride Ph.: 506-696-1119

September 3, 2006 - September 9, 2006
Fredericton Exhibition Ltd.
P.O. Box 235, Station A Fredericton, N.B. E3B 4Y9
Paul Seymour Ph.: 506-454-1053

September 14, 2006 - September 17, 2006
Queens County Fair
2127 Route 102 Gagetown, NB. E5M 1K3
Robert McNally Ph.: 506-488-2700

September 14, 2006 - September 17, 2006
Albert County Fair
126 Albert Mine RoadEdgett's Landing, N.B. E4H 1S1
Terry Steeves Ph.: 506-734-3425

September 20, 2006 - September 24, 2006
Stanley Fair
440 Red Rock Road Red Rock, N.B. E6B 2C3
Darrell Hood Ph.: 506-367-2531


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