Friday, August 18, 2006

Day 6...Our Cross Canada Tour.... East to West

Day 6

This was a basic driving day, still in northern Ontario. As we drove around a turn in the road there was an old house that just cried out to have it’s picture taken. Richard drove a little further down the road and turned around. I got right out of the RV, positioned myself to get the best shot. I looked at the shots I had taken and the house just seemed to be saying, “ I’m tired and I’ve had enough!”

We stopped at a Visitor Information at around lunch time in Hearst. It was closed. We knew it was Sunday, but come on, travelers traveled everyday. We couldn’t believe it, for it was a beautiful building with great surrounding. I took some pictures anyway.

We sat at a picnic table to have lunch and struck up a conversation with a family in the table next to us. The conversation got around to campsites near by. They told us there was campsite in McLeod Provincial Park, near Geraldtown on HWY 11 westward bound.

We traveled on to Longlac, Ontario and came upon an Visitor Information Center and stopped to get info on a place to stay and things to do. In side was a nice young man who asked us what he could do for us. I asked him a question, his answer was, “I don’t have a clue.” O.K. I thought, ‘go on to the next question.’ Same answer, “I don’t have a clue.” I asked the young man who hired him and he told me the municipality. “Well then, did they not give you any training?” He said they told him they were going to but never did. I thanked him and picked up some brochures and we headed on our way.

We found the McLeod Provincial Park campground and registered in for the night. It was a very nice place.


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