Sunday, September 17, 2006

Day 14...Our Cross Canada Trip....East to West

(More pictures of the West Edmonton Mall in day 11, 12, & 13 story.)

Day 14

On the road again, traveling east on 16 to get back to the West Edmonton Mall. Ho Lay! a shoppers delight.

Richard and I entered at the Sears entrance at 9:00 a.m.. The first thing we did was find an information booth and a map of the mall. We both had cell phones incase we got separated. Not very likely, we stuck to each other like glue.

We walked on down the isles just window shopping. The mall had all the brand name stores that we are use to and more. We commented on how there were not many people around. Some of the amusement sections were not open yet. Look, oh my god, there's a skating rink, and look at all the seniors out skating!

We went a little farther and came upon the extreme to the rink, there below us was a gigantic simulated sandy beach complete with a wave pool. Then we could hear a rumble of noise throughout the mall. It was the sound of the metal folding doors to the entrances of the amusement parks opening up. Then there was a reaction, like that of a giant vacuum cleaner sucking kids in from every direction. They were coming from everywhere, followed close behind by attentive parents and grandparents. Within a half hour we were making our way through the maze of kids, shoppers, gift bags, strollers. So much for thinking there weren't many people here.

I watched closely at how well behaved the children were, and how the parents were enjoying them. They all were having so much fun at places like World Waterpark, Galaxyland Amusement Park, Deep Sea Adventure and so much more.

We took the escalator to the second level, found a Tim Hortons and a table overlooking the skating rink, enjoyed our coffee while watching the skaters below. It had now been a hour since we first came in and I marveled at the seniors we saw skating then, still going strong.

We were browsing again when I saw flashing lights, heard bells and whistles going, my heart began to skip a few beats, YES, a casino! We hastily made our way toward it, well, maybe not Richard. Guess what was just outside the entrance to the casino, an ATM machine. How thoughful of these people, in we went with $100.00 in hand and great expectations. Well, we sure weren't the only ones who found the casino, the place was full. We made a walk about, dropped a coin or two and found our way out the same way we came in. On second thought, not quite the same way we went in, we were $100.00 poorer.

The only thing we bought in the Mall was a T-Shirt for Sophia, it was so cute. On the front of the T-shirt was a picture of a crown, and the writing under it said,
"I didn't ask to be a Princess, but if the crown fits...."

We headed back to the RV, made a few circles around and around and finally we were back on 16 heading west. We stopped in a little town called Spruce Grove and got a supply of groceries. The campsite we found for tonight is called East of Edson RV Resort. Don't ever let the word 'Resort' fool you into thinking you're getting anything special.


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