Friday, August 21, 2009

35th. Reunion of The First North River Gospel Singers


Back Row: (L to R)

Phillip Thorne, Brent Bleakney, Darryl Duncan, Vernon Lounsbury, Gary Goddard, Stephen Eagles, Ron Eagles, Judy Wilson, Shirley (McKinnon) Wilson, Lynn (Goddard) Mosse (pianist)

Front Row: (L to R)

Joanne (Layton) Solomon, Krista (Lewis) Good, Ruth Lewis, Susan (Plume) Goddard, Brenda Wilson, Sandra (Lounsbury) Eagels, Sharon A. Layton-Pollock

In the forfront are the Reverend Larry and Lena Meade

Sunday, August 9th, 2009, a special day. It was a trip back through the paths of time, a reunion.

In 1974 the little country churches that belonged to The First North River Pastorate welcomed a new minister. The United Baptist churches within this pastorate were Lewis Mountain, Wheaton Settlement, Steeves Settlement, Kinnear Settlement and First North River.

The Reverend Larry Meade was new to his calling and new to his job as Pastor, and his choice of a wife, Lena, was suberb. The two of them landed on their pastorate running. Larry's carasmatic personallity and Lena's sweetness was a natural magnet to both young and old.

It wasn't long before Lena had gathered the young people and a few married ladies together and formed The Fists North River Gospel Singers. We were up and singing in time for evangelistic meetings, music tours to various churches in the Maritimes, a record making, church growth and many many good times.

So, needless to say, when we learned Larry and Lena were going to be back on the field for a special occassion many answered the call to re-unite in song. It was as though the years between 1974 and 2009 fadded away as we sang as Lena directed us and smiled at us just like it was yesterday.