Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Crazy For Crafting Stories

Are you crazy about crafting stories? Then you'll enjoy this full-day creative writing workshop delivered in the heart of beautiful rural Albert County.

Nature of Story: Crafting your Life Story - This workshop pairs creativity with process. Together, we will explore the craft of turning life events into interesting stories. You will work a rough draft through to a polished essay or vignette, while learning about structure, narrative arc and self-editing. For more details, visit

When: Saturday, June 19, 2010.

Where: Workshop will be held at the lovely Florentine Manor, Harvey, Alb. Co., NB.

Price: $115 includes lunch, materials and HST.


How better to cultivate wildness of language than spending time where wild things live and grow?

Write in Nature - When we spend time in nature, we do so quietly, patiently and openly, with hopes of receiving understanding, clarity and a deeper connection to place. Leave structure and rules at home and join me for a day of writing with nature as our inspiration. You'll learn to marry observation with imagination, using techniques that easily transfer to any genre. This workshop is about forgetting self and listening to the voice of nature. You'll learn to see your surroundings with fresh perspective. For more details, visit

When: Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where: Travel to the Fundy Trail Parkway in beautiful St. Martins, NB, along the Bay of Fundy coast. We will meet at the Interpretive Centre and hike along the Big Salmon River with an interpretive guide to reach the secluded Hearst Lodge. Workshop participants must be physically fit for a 1-2 hour relaxed hike of moderate difficulty.

Price: $125 includes guide, lunch and HST. You are responsible for your entry permit to the park.

About Nature of Words

Nature of Words creative writing workshops are as much about creating a memory, as they are about learning. In small, intimate gatherings (no crowds and fluorescent lights for us!) we venture outside the structured walls of a classroom and into the heart of nature, where true creativity resides. Venues may be rural accommodations, community halls, heritage buildings or other intriguing places with access to beautiful outdoor spaces. For registration or for information on other workshops, visit

PLEASE NOTE: Workshop registrations are limited to 12 participants. Pre-registration and payment required in advance. Avoid disappointment and register today!

Deborah Carr
Wordsmith & Writing Coach