Thursday, December 16, 2010


Written By: Sharon A. Layton-Pollock

November 6th, 2010 the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame held its fifth induction ceremony at Casino New Brunswick. Those inducted were (photo) left to right: John Timmins, Bill Snowden, Winona & Ernie McLean, Greg Sewart, Jim Hallehan, Raymond Roach, Dave Gorvett, Mrs. Dave Mosher, Gerry Marshall and Frank Fraser.
The evening was glitz and glamour and fine dining. The manager of the dining facilities at the Casino stood off on the side lines and watched as members took their place on the stage to receive their awards. She later said she had never seen a ceremony so moving and well done.
The seventh members to be called for their induction were Winona and Ernie McLean. Winona in her long black gown and sequenced gold top Ernie looking dapper in his black tuxedo, walked arm in arm across the floor. Every person in the room came to their feet and applauded them as they made their way to the stage, a fine tribute, to their contribution, over the years, to motorsports in the area.
Plans are already in the making for 2011 sixth annual Induction Ceremony.