Monday, October 02, 2006

Day 19 and 20...Our Cross Canada Tour ..East to West

Day 19

It was time to come down off our mountain, as much as we hated to. As we made our decent early in the morning, the fog was still tangled among the tree tops in the valley below us.

We took highway 24, a beautiful drive. The road climbed to 1311 meters above sea level. I thought about the color of the water. Below the lakes and rivers were a milky green from glacier run offs and above they were emerald green.

Richard and I made mention of the deer fences and soon after seen four deer. We came upon a mother and her fawn. We had to come to a complete stop as the mother tried to make up her mind which way to go. It was cute to watch the fawn follow it's mothers indecisive path.

At 11:30a.m. we came upon a giant flea market. We stopped and bought some home cooking and a couple of Alberta Beef hamburgers. We had a great chat with the vendors, who too planned a trip like ours for next year. The lady was originally from Sherwater, outside of Halifax, N.S. As I browsed around I stopped at one particular table of interest and felt a little soul brush up against my leg. I looked down and there was a dear little child about the same age as my granddaughter Sophia. I had the greatest urge to kneel down and hug her, of course I didn't, but that was my first pang of lonesomeness for my grandchildren, then it spread to missing my kids. Boy wait till we get our cell phone bill.

It wasn't long before we entered Clinton County along highway 97. How unique! It was like entering a different world. You were in desert like hills and oasis like valleys. The valley floors were the most lush green color I have ever seen. My first thought was that they were golf courses. There were cattle, horses and sheep. The valley floors were irrigated from one side to the other.

Just a half a day farther another world! The area was called Frazer Cove. It was as thought a giant had come along and scrapped the tops off the mountains leaving deep valleys below. The tops were so flat and so green and again irrigated from one side to the other. Later as we set up camp in Lillooet, along the Frazer River, I learned that on those mountain tops are grown the worlds best ginseng.

Day 20

The little town of Lillooet, one of the oldest communities in British Columbia, is carved right out of the side of the mountain. Many people have compared Lillooet to that of Switzerland.

We fill up with gas and head west on highway 99 toward Whistler. What and where we traveled next is almost undisribable, and no photo could ever do it justice...The Frazer River Valley Drive.

The height and depth and magnitude of this area literally makes you dizzy. We found a spot along the windy road to stop so I could take a few pictures. Before looking up I had to make sure I stepped well back from where I was just looking down.

The road is winding, narrow, no guard rails nor cement imbotments and Richard is on the outer edge. I keep an eye on him just to make sure he's not gocking around. Next I'm on the outer edge. This is no route for the faint of heart.

I can't help but smile at these signs, 'Slow Down' well, who wouldn't. One says 'Fasten Your Seat Belt' I think to myself, 'what for.' If you ever went over the edge a seat belt wouldn't be of any account. There were signs that gave directions to 'Run Away Trails', just encase your breaks give out, now what does that tell ya?

The road is still winding upward, now we're heading down hill. At last we're on the valley floor again. It feels good.
"Ohhh shit, we're climbing again. Oh good not so high this time." The valley floor is so deep, lush and green and there are parts I'm sure the sun never shines.

We breeze through Whistler, we're both anxious to get to Vancouver Island. At about 4:00p.m. we board the ferry at Horseshoe Bay. Just lay back and chill out after our days adventure.

We found a campground, made a call to my cousin, Ivan Parker and his wife Mary. Ivan comes on the line and the first thing he asks me is,
"When are you coming out for a visit?" and I answer him,
"How about tomorrow." Well now let me tell you was he surprised or not. We made plans for them to come and get us in the morning.


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